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This community implies fanfiction written by lunardeath, for she feels unimaginative enough to borrow characters from books, games, movies and real life, instead of creating her own. Therefore, due to the lack of her imagination and also concentration, it is very expected that she won't be updating this community too often. However, she's got some great ideas—well, that's what she thinks—, so once she gets her arse into gear, she might write some lengthy stories even! About what, you might ask. Well, pretty much anything that gives her a good inspiration enough. Ratings may vary from G to NC-17, but content will be mostly homosexual, which in this context usually means either a loving or sexual relationship between two men. I think that's enough to chase some people away, hopefully. I will not deal with any drama online if you haven't read my warning first. Otherwise, have fun!

►Unlike in the beginning—which means the day I created this community—, I'm not going to member-lock all the entries. I have participated in a couple of challenges which, of course, need to be posted publicly. Also, I might write of fandoms that cannot be found/are hard to find from anywhere else, so I naturally want to delight those people who are interested in them... well, at least I hope so. Therefore, I am locking only certain entries. I think those are going to be the fics that have higher ratings, such as R and NC-17.
► English is not my first language. I am not using beta readers either because of some bad experiences in the past. I spell-check and pay attention to my writing anyways, so I don't think you're going to find anything major here. Unless you're a grammar police, that is.
► Even though I am aware of the fact that I'm sharing my stuff online, mostly publicly, I still don't appreciate it much that you're uploading my stuff. Add to Memories, save to your computer, link to these entries, ask your friend to join if one can't view the entries, send by email... but please. Don't upload these to any sites. Please. I am the original uploader—only I should have the right to do that. Thank you.
►If you wish to translate any of my fics to your own language, feel free to do. I'd appreciate if you informed me though—in case you're going to use it somewhere. Or just make my day. ^^
►Attention, copycats. Plagiarism isn't something that I view with an approving eye. So don't steal and claim my writings as your own.
►Overall, just behave. Comments and constructive criticism (also excessive randomness) are always welcome; flaming is not. I will kick your butts if you're here to pick on me. >:\

Most of the characters are created by someone else, or do exist in real life as walking and breathing creatures, so I sincerely apologize the fact that I am using them in my writing. I am not by any means trying to claim them as my own. All of my fiction exists for fun and entertainment purposes only.

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